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Born  December 1968
Style Archaic conceptualism
Member of the Art Club of the USA
Director of Sculpture, Siqueiros Foundation of the Arts
Disciple of Ernst Neizvestny
  Creator of the Archaic Conceptualism style          

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Vardan was born in 1968. he is a

third-generation sculptor in his family. After

starting his art school at the age of six, Vardan

had his first solo exhibition at the age of ten.

After graduating, he was accepted into the art

school for the future students of The Academy

of Fine Art. He comes from one of the prominent

Armenian dynasties of Karabakh, the dynasty

of Melik Egan, the son of the Catholicos Gukas

the First Garnetzy, house of Cilicia 1731-173 His

family roots began during the Second Jerusalem

Temple, when in the First Century of BC, his and

several other noble families of Jerusalem were

invited to move to Armenia by the Emperor

Tigranes the Great.

His work is a process that transforms ordinary

matter into an extraordinary form that

connects the realm of dreams and emotional

fillings with the material world. Archaic

Conceptualism is a style that he has developed

over many years.  Being the only disciple of Ernst Neizvrstny, Vardan continues what his beloved teacher started. 

Currently working on

his controversial thesis "Cappella Sistina" revealing secrets hidden for the past 500 years.

He works with stone, bronze, steel, glass,

and has participated in some of the most

exclusive projects worldwide including

monuments, mosaic murals, portrait

sculptures, and oversized stained glass as

well as Roman, Florentine, and Byzantine


Vardan works are located in private collections, religious institutions, and corporate offices worldwide in:

united states


Saudi Arabia








Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego

New York

Armonk, Long Island, Hamptons

New Jersey


st Clair shores, West Bloomfield, Birmingham





list of selected clients:  


SLAVA POLUNIN Russian performance artist and clown. He is the creator of the stage spectacles Asisyai-revue, Slava's Snowshow, and Diabolo

American Publisher Larry Flynt 

American pop singer Cher 

American actor Michael Douglas 

American actor Woody Harrelson 

American actor Charlie Sheen 

Former US Ambassador to Russia Jack F Matlock 

Press attache French embassy 

Mrs. De Charfotte  

vardan with Ernst neizvestny

at his studio on Grand st,

New York. December 21, 2014.

Photo by Anna Graham

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