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is a multifaceted design firm based in Los Angeles, California, and its midwest studio is located in West Bloomfield, MI.  

Founded in 1997 by Vardan, the company has participated in a variety of projects for clients in the United States, Germany, England, Saudi Arabia, France, Russia, and Ukraine.  


list of selected clients:   


American Publisher Larry Flynt 

American pop singer Cher 

American actor Michael Douglas 

American actor Woody Harrelson 

American actor Charlie Sheen 

Former US Ambassador to Russia Jack F Matlock 

Press attache French embassy  Mrs. De Charfotte  




SYNTHESIS IN ART is known for its detailed approach and singular attention to the needs of its clients. Our specialties include sculpture, mosaic, stained glass, murals, architectural design, interior, and exterior design.  Feel free to call us about your future project for a free design consultation and estimate. 

Every project is absolutely unique. Each project is tailored to each individual client with a personal and unique design.  

As a team, we are well known in the corporate and private sector and religious sector. 

Modern Design Home
Vardan. Founder of the company

VARDAN Founder

Anna Siqueiros. Director of the mural and frescos department

anna Siqueiros 
Creative designer

manager of
public relations


alan silverman 
project manager

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